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'Van Gogh's bedroom' available to rent on Airbnb

If you are familiar with Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh, then you are probably aware of "The Bedroom," a famous 1888 painting of his bedroom in Arles, France. You might even be aware that there were actually three paintings titled "The Bedroom" done over the course of two years, with the final painting created as a birthday gift for the artist's mother.  
But did you know that you can actually spend the night in this room, probably the most well-known bedroom in the art world? And that you don't even have to go to France to do it? All it takes is $10 and a trip to Chicago.
The second of three "The Bedroom" paintings from Van Gogh, the version brought to life by the Art Institute of Chicago.
The real-life version of the painting, available for a limited time on Airbnb.
Designers painted the furnishing with black outlines similar to the artist's painting.
Note the brush strokes on the door and wall.
Designers employed careful attention to detail, clearly seen in these photos. Note the "outlines" on the chair and the "glare" on the pitcher.
Even the paintings on the wall and the slant of the coat rack match that of Van Gogh's work.
The bedroom is real, part of an apartment listed on Airbnb by Vincent van Gogh himself. He asks only $10 per night, "for no other reason than I need to buy paint." Lucky renters will be provided with a handwritten note of welcome and "tickets to my exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago."
What's going on here? How is a long-dead post-Impressionist artist posting listings on Airbnb and providing tickets to his own art show? It's all part of the public relations surrounding the "Van Gogh's Bedrooms" exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago. "We hope it's a way to bring fresh eyes and fresh perspective to the painting," said spokeswoman Amanda Hicks in an email to the LA Times. "And it's an innovative way to bring the painting to life for visitors to Chicago and to the Art Institute."
Innovative, indeed... share this post if you agree!
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